By L.B

“Mr. Nemeth: Thank you for meeting today on such short notice and giving me the straight, hard line. I realize you have a full schedule during a short, holiday week and so many other attorneys have been giving me false scenarios just to book business. You came highly recommended by our attorney friend. Also, Melissa is awesome! She is totally on the ball and was dragging key information out of me before I could even tell her the story. She really listened to what we had to say and made me feel like things were in motion before I even walked in the door. I've met with countless attorneys in the past few months and the staff always formulates a huge part of the first impression. Melissa blew all the other first impressions away by a mile and made me feel instantly comfortable with your office and solid in the effort to proceed, no matter the outcome. I've recently come to learn that in selecting any attorney, you need one who is successful at laying out the risk in all scenarios and making the client comfortable in their competency to give it the best, solid effort. So very few firms even attempt this. You and your firm achieved it. Thank you.”