Is Bankruptcy an Option?

If you can answer “YES” to any of these questions, then

Bankruptcy might be right for you.

    • Is it too tough to make ends meet?
    • Have you been sued by a creditor?
    • Are you wanting creditor phone calls to stop?
    • Has your car been repossessed?
    • Are you threatened with foreclosure?
    • Are you behind on your house payment?
    • Are you behind on your car payment?
    • Do you have credit card balances?
    • Do you have too many medical bills?
    • Do you want to keep your house and/or car(s)?
    • Are you ready to take back control of your life and finances?
    • Are you ready for a fresh start?

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Secrets about Bankruptcy

Forget the myths! Call now to discuss the secrets in more detail!

    • Filing a Bankruptcy stops ALL lawsuits in their tracks.
    • Filing a Bankruptcy stops ALL foreclosure attempts.
    • Filing a Bankruptcy stops ALL repossession attempts.
    • Filing a Bankruptcy stops ALL creditor phone calls immediately.
    • Filing a Bankruptcy can reduce the amount of principal you owe on a car that’s upside-down in debt.
    • Filing a Bankruptcy stops ALL late fees and penalties.

Chapter 7

Do you qualify to keep everything you own? Probably.

With recent changes in Ohio law, most people that file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy keep their home, cars and other possessions while eliminating their credit card and other debt. It’s often the answer for families struggling from a change in employment like a lost job, fewer hours or wage cut-backs. The decline in property values in Ohio mean that most families can keep their home when they file bankruptcy.

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Chapter 13

Has your income remained constant, but you just need some space from the creditors?

Filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy often is the answer when you want to keep everything you have, regardless of value and equity, your income has stayed somewhat level, but your bills have grown out of control. Give the collections agencies a time-out, pay back what your budget can afford, and be on a faster track to restoring your credit.

We can help guide you for free!

The law does not require you to go through these tough times alone.

The law firm of Nemeth & Barrett, LLC, offers free consultations with a lawyer and no commitment. Bankruptcy isn’t an option for everyone, but it may be difficult to even know what options are available without a review. The attorneys are members of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, and welcomes callers to the office with no pressure, no judgment and no intimidation. Simply a free review of your situation and hopefully advice on your best path through.

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Comparing Credit Score vs. Credit Worthy.

Bankruptcy offers a fresh start. One of the first questions many people ask about bankruptcy is how it affects their credit score. In an age when even credit companies are looking to the government for help, it’s not surprising to learn that typically a person’s credit worthiness has improved as a result of filing bankruptcy. A bankruptcy filing may reduce your stress and strengthen your credit worthiness.