• About Richard H. Nemeth

    • Over 35 years of bankruptcy law experience.
    • President, National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.
    • In 2022 Richard was elected President of NACBA by its board of directors.

    Mr. Nemeth is the President of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney and a current member of the Ohio Bar Association and the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association. Mr. Nemeth has been a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys since 1998 and was appointed the organization's first State Chair for the Northern District of Ohio in 2007, a position he held until 2016, when he was elected to the Board of Directors.

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  • What Our Clients Are Saying:

    By M.D
    Thanks so much for everything. Your office has been amazing!
    By M.K.
    Omg. Thank goodness, thank you so much! My fiancé is going to be filing for bankruptcy in the near future, I\'m making sure she uses you for counsel!
    By J.K
    Thank you very much Mr. Nemeth. You saved my life, again.
    By L.F
    “I refer everyone I know with debt problems to you and tell them how great you are.” “My friend said she is really glad I gave her your name; she said you did a great job handling her case.”
    By R.C
    “I didn\'t realize how much this BK was upsetting to me. Thank you for your patience throughout this process. I will definitely refer you in the future to friends and family should they be in need of your expertise.
    By M.D. and P.D.
    “Thank you for representing us. We are very happy with your services and will be sending more business your way
    By CP and AP
    Thank you from my wife and I for your efforts and understanding
    By D.F
    “Thank you. I love you and have faith only in you.........”
    By R.K
    “My apologies for not sending a note of appreciation sooner, but we did/do appreciate your services and I will refer business to you in the future.”
    By J.B
    “Thanks to the whole firm. You did a great job for me. Just tried to call you, fantastic service, thanks so much you’re the best!
    By E.A
    “Actually went a lot better than expected. Thank you so much for your help!”
    By J.H
    “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.!!”
    By K.F
    “Thank you very much. I will have a good weekend!! You do the same, again thank you!”
    By C.E
    “I love you, Mr. Nemeth. I am referring my father-in-law!”
    By D.G
    “I’m sorry I missed you today, Mr. Nemeth. I wanted to give you a hug.”
    By S.G.
    Thank you so much! Happy New Year to you and Mr. Nemeth and the
    staff. You all took wonderful care of me!
    By V.S
    Thank so you much and for doing this so quickly! And yes, I recovered well, and couldn\\\\\\\'t have done so without getting a fresh start.
    By S.L.
    Thank you so much for touching base. It seems as if this nightmare might be over soon? Did I read this correctly? Do we only have 8 more months of payments & then the house is mine again? If that is true, I can just give you the biggest hug of gratitude ever!
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