Abusive Debt Collection

Unpaid debts are often turned over to debt collectors. Debt collectors are third party companies that are in the business of collecting debts for others. Debt collectors use a variety of techniques to get you to pay. Some will send a series of collection letters. Some may call you at home or at work and demand that you make payments. Some may call friends, neighbors or relatives and ask them where they can contact you for the purpose of collecting the debt. Many debt collectors can be aggressive and even violate the law in their pursuit of debt collection. Debt collectors also file lawsuits to try to collect debts.

When you file a bankruptcy, all the debt collection activity must stop. If a debt collector continues to attempt to collect a debt after a bankruptcy is filed, it is in contempt of court. Our law firm has obtained significant damage awards against debt collectors who violate the prohibition against debt collecting after a bankruptcy case is filed.